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Закрытый променад левого борта

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Элизабет,проходя мимо Мистера Хиггинса,немного задела его плечом и сказала:
Мы с вами ещё встретимся сегодня..Бенджамин.-огрызнулась Элиза и направилась на ужин.


Мисс Элизабет Флеминг написал(а):

Мы с вами ещё встретимся сегодня..Бенджамин.

Бенджамин ничего не ответил, кажется, он серьезно влип.


I walk into the promenade with Lizzy, then I look out the window to watch the other ship burn.


Standing near the edge of the ship with Nic, I lean over the railing and watch as the waves knock into the side of the boat.


“Whatever could’ve happened?” I asked myself.


I'd watch as debris started to drift in, "I have no idea." I'd reply "Maybe someone fell asleep with a cigar, I sure hope they weren't hurt."


“Me too...” I say as the scene starts to remind me of my time in Europe during the Great War, all those scenes f destruction and chaos came back to me.


I'd look up from the sea to Nic, noticing the look in his eyes "Oh, dear, are you alright?" I'd ask with a concerned tone.


“Y..yeah,” I replied with a bit of a stammer. “Just brought back a couple of bad memories after seeing all this,” I say as a lifeboat was lifted up in front of us with a guy that was screaming in pain and half burned.


I'd pause for a moment "Of the wa-" I'd begin to reply stopping suddenly as I hear the humm of a machine pulling a lifeboat from the water on the other promenade, I'd turn away from the banister "Oh, they must have found someone.. in the water..."


“Yes...” I say flatly as I hold her close to me.


I'd stay in his arms, holding tightly "I do hope everyone will be alright, not too many casualties"


“Same here...” I say. I sniff the air and smell the stench of fuel oil very strongly through the air, and a sense of apprehension and dread starts to come over me. “Oh, good Lord...” I say realizing what may happen.


I notice his reaction to the air, taking a breath myself I realize what he had "Do you think..." I'd pause dreading his reply "Could the fire spread? Over the water, I mean, with all this oil..."


“All it’ll take is one small spark and this whole ship could go ablaze as well,” I replied. “Just hope the captain is smart enough to restrict all smoking on the deck and doesn’t push the engines too hard to make them spark.”


“Even a bit of static electricity could be all that it’ll need for history to repeat itself,” I say with a dreadful tone in my voice.


I'd stand there for a moment shocked at what he said, I'd look at Nic with fear in my eyes, "I imagine the captain has already thought of this? And, is taking caution?" I ask trying to reassure myself.


“I sure hope so...” I say quietly. “In case something does happen, we’ll have to go up top and be as close to the lifeboats as much as possible. We’ll have to avoid going over on the starboard side of the deck as that’s where most of the fuel is too.


"Well you did lead me through the titanic, so I'll follow you, wherever you go. Just keep us safe?" I grab him and hold him close to me.


I do the same to her. “Alright, let’s make our way up to the left side boat deck.”

Вы здесь » Ocean Voyage » Прогулочная палуба » Закрытый променад левого борта